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Open Content for the Media Center

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Open Source Software and Resources



  1. Scratch - Students will love using this program to create their own projects. Our students learn how to use this in Technology class, but many students teach themselves. It helps develop higher order thinking skills. Highly recommend. 

  2. Googledocs - The Google applications are excellent applications for collaborative work. In addition, the forms and surveys are useful for library surveys, for requesting books and materials, etc... 

  3. Audacity - Audacity is a great resource for creating podcasts or any type of audio file. It is somewhat user friendly. Our students have used it to record booktalks and book study group discussions.

  4. VLC - I like VLC because it supports some of the newer programs that create video. During media festival, students create movies using programs on their home laptops. We can install this program on the DVD with the movie file and it will open with no problems. This is very helpful at district and state media festival judging. Our technician introduced this program to us.

  5. Edmodo is a free, social networking/learning environment website that is available to educators for classroom use and PLN. Teachers and students can collaborate, share and learn through Edmodo. The teacher can establish an account and create communities for each class. Resources for the students, shared work, etc... can be posted on the secure page. There are communities within Edmodo for teachers to connect with for their own personal learning. 

  6. Alice - Students will love Alice! It is a free software for creating an animation. It is also a teaching tool for introductory computing. Students can create stories, games, etc...There is an Alice blog to follow and teacher materials. Highly recommend.

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