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Horizon Report

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Reflection Worksheet  
Question   Reflection 

What key points are you

taking away from the “2011

Horizon Report for K12?”

  • The tools themselves are not as important as how they could be used in educational settings to raise the level of thinking, innovation, and creativity of students. 
  • Gaming in an educational setting could have long term benefits for students. 

What three ideas from the

“2011 Horizon Report for

K12” are the best to apply to

your institution?

  • Consider allowing students to bring mobile devices to school
  • Use cloud computing to improve the technology at our school-it is very outdated. Also, allow more access to tools and applications. 
  • Promote the use of Personal Learning Environments beginning with our 7th grade, but start the process leading to this in the 6th grade. I think the students are ready for this and capable.  The teachers should develop their PLN first, then work with the students in developing one. The  librarian should be instrumental in facilitating this.

To advance these ideas,

who are the key

stakeholders who need to

be involved in discussions

and planning? How would

you make the case to


  • Librarians/Media Specialists, Instructional Technology Staff, Principals, Parents, Curriculum and Assesment Coordinators, Education Committee members on State Level 
  • I would  share with them specific examples of the ideas to study and observe. I would invite people from schools and organizations to share what they are doing. Also, I would arrange for visits to some of the places where these ideas could be observed first hand.


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